Kayaking On The Truckee

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If you have always wanted to learn to Kayak, well a new team is in town who will teach you for free, well almost!!

Mach1 Kayaking, headed by Kayak instructor Pete DeLosa has just setup in Reno after launching several years ago on the East coast.

Mach1 Kayaking is a non-profit organization aiming to draw younger ages into the fun and adventures that Kayaking provides.

Our own Kolo-8-News-Now's Dennis Flack headed out onto the water early one morning with Pete to find out more and was thrilled by the experience, plus got a good "dunkin'" as well!

Even though Mach1 Kayaking is a non-profit organization, a nominal fee is requested on a yearly basis to buy and maintain equipment for the teams use.

Individual Membership: $30.00 per year.
Family Membership: $50.00 per year.

There is also an annual training fee per person per year which is: $45.00.

Mach1 Kayaking instructor Pete DeLosa can be contacted via e-mail: pete.delosa@gmail.com or via phone: 1-910-200-7698.