Accused Child Porn Collector's Wife Turns Him In

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It turns out, a local law enforcement officer, accused of possessing child porn...was turned in to police by his wife.

36-year-old Paul Kistner posted a $5,000 bail Thursday, releasing him from an undisclosed holding facility.

The longtime Washoe County Sheriff's Deputy is charged with five counts of possession of child pornography, for viewing and collecting over 400 lude and sexually explicit images of young children.

Sparks Police detectives are investigating the case, as to curb any conflicts of interest.

According to court documents, the Washoe County Sheriff's Office was contacted by Kistner's wife, Monique on August 7th. She brought detectives a computer tower and hard drive, claiming her husband had been accessing porn and child erotica. A friend of hers used computer "spy ware" in order to uncover the accessed porn websites.

After detectives obtained a search warrant, they did a forensic exam of Kistner's home computer, and searched his home, confirming his wife's claims.

Reports show that detectives located three portable "thumb" hard drives, containing the child porn images...all which Kistner kept in the front pocket of his deputy uniform.

Detectives say Kistner later admitted to masturbating to the pictures...and says he started looking at them over a year ago, because he was quote: "curious." Court documents allege Kistner was able to keep the child porn files hidden by giving them titles like "Christmas 2005."

His wife told detectives she became suspicious when her husband began spending hours on the Internet behind closed doors...and then deleting his Internet history after using the computer.

Kistner is scheduled to appear in court for his preliminary hearing on August 26th.