Butcher Boy Filing For Bankruptcy

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For decades, it has been a fixture in the City of Sparks, but a recent expansion to Reno along with a struggling economy has the owner of Butcher Boy filing for bankruptcy, but in the hope it will save his business.

Owner Ken Jolly opened the Reno store last May confident that another location would make his business boom. Now, he says that decision is forcing him to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

"I guess it was a little bad timing," says Jolly. "Opening the store when I did. But we went ahead with it and timing got to us."

But Jolly wants to make it clear that the bad timing does not mean the Sparks-based business that's been in his family for 34 years will have to close.

"Chapter 11 is for re-organizing," says Jolly. "It doesn't mean we're closing. It just gives us a few months to put things together and pay off our past debts."

The news about Butcher Boy's economic turmoil comes just a day after Mervyn's announced it will close stores in Reno, Sparks and Carson City as part of the company's chapter 11 restructuring.

Longtime Butcher Boy customers say they are committed to making sure the family-owned business doesn't suffer a similar fate.

"They have all organic hormone free meats," says Troy Folk who came from Spanish Springs to pick up groceries. "And while that does cost a little bit more to the consumer it's a worthwhile thing to have."

Jolly co-owns the store with his son and first started working for the franchise when it opened in 1974. For the community, the business is a major landmark, but for Jolly it's even more.

"I have a lot of loyal customers who've been coming into Butcher Boy for 30 years. A lot of families come in and it's very important to me of course because it's my life."

Typically, when a business is faced with this kind of an economic crisis, it tends to change things like prices, but Jolly says that won't be the case.