Brinkley-Gilbert Fight in 08?

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It's on. Those the words of tommy lane from Let's Get It on promotions after reno boxer Joey Gilbert released a statement calling out his fighter..Jesse Brinkley.
The two sides are now in discussions..planning a fight that would take place before the end of 2008.
Things heated up late this's a portion of the statement Joey Gilbert released..calling out the yerington native..
Northern Nevada wants to see this fight, and I don't think anyone wants it more than I do. I know Jesse feels the same way. With that said, I cordially invite Mr. Jesse Brinkley to meet me in Reno before the end of 2008, and fight to the finish!" -Joey Gilbert
It didn't take long for Jesse Brinkley to respond..To Mr. Gilbert - There is no need to "call out" Jesse Brinkley, you just show up.
"I am going to stand over him smiling with my hands in the air after I knock him out." - Jesse Brinkley.
That statement also said that Jesse Brinkley has publicly stated that he has wanted to fight Joey Gilbert for three years. Mr. Gilbert has turned down all offers.