The Fate of Ballardini Ranch

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County Commissioners met Tuesday afternoon to discuss the fate of nearly one thousand acres of undeveloped land in southwest Reno.

Known as Ballardini Ranch, this land is currently owned by Evans Creek Limited, a company that plans to build at least 550 homes and is preparing for trial.

The county is prepared to offer just over $35 million dollars for the ranch. If its offer is accepted, the land will be preserved as open space, or rendered Imminent Domain.

However, Evans Creek calls this offer "insulting," and not even close to the fair market value of the property, which they say is more than $90 million. A company attorney who News Channel 8 spoke with says, most likely, "no settlement will be reached."

County Commissioners will continue discussion early Tuesday evening, with a chance for public comment. If no decision is reached, the trial will commence first thing Monday morning, on May 1st.