Good Samaritan Learns That No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

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Would you stop to help a stranger who appeared to be in imminent danger? One local woman answered that question last week and in doing so, finds herself a victim.

The story begins last Thursday morning in northeast Reno. A woman hiding from an ex-boyfriend is discovered and allegedly kidnapped. He drives her north to Cold Springs. At a spot along White Lake Drive, she jumps out of the car. A woman is driving by with her five year old son

"He was driving erratically in the dirt, trying to get to her. I stopped and I asked her if she was OK," says the Good Samaritan we'll call Lee. The distraught woman asked to be taken to safety.

So, with the woman in her car, Lee drives in the direction of the police substation in Stead. Soon, the boyfriend is in pursuit. "I knew I could outrun him, but other cars got in the way. He started to tap my back bumper, trying to knock me off the road."

Finally he succeeded driving her into on coming traffic. She avoided any collision.
The ex-boyfriend speeds off. His vehicle, a 1984 Toyota pickup is later found abandoned in the nearby hills. Reno Police are still trying to locate the man they believe was behind the wheel. Jess Bailor is facing charges of kidnapping, three counts of battery with a deadly weapon, domestic battery and endangerment of a child.

Lee, her passenger and her young son come through unscathed, but her vehicle sustained nearly $4,000 damage. The other vehicle was unregistered and uninsured. For the moment that leaves our Good Samaritan living far from town with a child who needs weekly medical care. For the moment she's driving a rental car.

Would she do it again? "I've been asked that several times," she says, "and yes because if I was ever kidnapped and managed to get away, I'd hope someone would stop to help me." She may have to live with the consequences of her good deed.

We contacted the District Attorney's office, they checked and tell us since Lee was not physically injured we're told she won't be eligible for any help from a state administered victim's compensation fund. They are looking into other resources.

In the meantime one of our viewers called telling us she was once in that same situation and was grateful someone stopped to help.

She says she'd like to help Lee. We're putting them in touch.

The suspect is still at large and like the woman she rescued she says she's looking over her shoulder and concerned for her safety.

If you have information to help solve this crime call Secret Witness at 322-4900. They've posted a $1,500 dollar reward for information leading to arrest and prosecution.