Increase Of Parking Citations

Linda Underwood doesn't have a lift in her van, instead she depends upon ramps to get her wheelchair in and out of the vehicle. Her assistant helps her with that, but sometimes it made more difficult when car park up next to the back of the van.

"its better than it was five years ago, but it certainly is far from perfect."

Linda says such a mistake by the driver behind her is minor. She has seen others deliberately park in handicapped parking spots with no authorization, or worse yet, using someone else's handicapped sticker.

Linda says "that was a definite abuse."

Reno Police say they issued a total of 844 citations last year for vehicles parked illegally in a handicapped space.

This year they are well on their way to breaking that number, the Department's Senior Auxiliary Volunteer Effort or Save personnel has issued 627 thus far.

No one is willing to speculate why or if more drivers are using these spaces illegally. But for at least one person who needs them, it doesn't really matter.

Linda says, "I would give anything to park far away and be abel to walk where I am going."