Sun Valley Murder Victim Identified

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Investigators say it was sheer luck...that they were able to identify the murder victim *so soon.
They got a tip Omar Chinchilla moved to Sparks from Los Angeles, about a month ago, to be with his family.
His mother and father were the ones...who identified him.
The coroner's office says Chinchilla died of a gun shot wound to the head.
Why Omar Chinchilla, and a female friend, were in the Scolari's parking lot Friday night...remains a mystery.
Sheriff's deputies say they were sitting in the car talking...when someone shot them.
Chinchilla died instantly.
The female victim was taken to Washoe Medical Center...with a gun shot wound to the arm.
She's been released from the hospital, and *has been interviewed several times.
Authorities aren't releasing her name...for her own safety.
But...they do want to talk to a white man, who they say, left the shopping center right after the shooting.
Detectives believe he is a eyewitness...and could have vital information in this case.
At this point, the description of the suspect has been sketchy.
As for a motive, detectives have ruled *out robbery.
They still don't know...if the suspect and Chinchilla knew each other.