1200 Mustang Miles

Two months ago, Las Vegas resident Matt Replogle made the top ten finals of the Western State's Mustang Challenge at Cal Expo with his horse Jennifer.

The horse was named through a contest in Clark County by local school children, one of whom's sister Jennifer was serving in Afghanistan.

While Matt did not win this competition...which entailed training the wild mustang in 90 days..he says he was inspired to try it again at the Extreme Mustang Makeover in Fort Worth Texas in September.

"I don't know, it really touched me and inspired me and uh, on the way home just decided to do this to try and bring awareness to the Mustang Heritage Foundation and what they are doing for all these horses."

We caught up with Matt as he was heading into Winslow Arizona. He is riding his mustang as yet to be named, from Las Vegas to Fort Worth Texas to bring awareness to the Mustang. Portions of the 1200 mile trip he and his horse may need to be trailered because of weather or dangerous highway conditions.

"The horse is doing really good, temperature, heart rate everything is really great."

Matt says he doesn't know what to expect once he gets to Fort Worth, but whatever happens he says he'll feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Not only for making the trek with his horse and proving to people just how adoptable and adaptable these animals are, but he is also riding to honor fellow mustang trainer Janice Titus of Mammoth Lakes, California who is a breast cancer survivor.

If you'd like more information KOLO-TV-DOT-COM has set up a link page for you to follow Matt's progress.