Victim Family To View Execution

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The children of a slain Reno woman say Wednesday night's scheduled execution of Daryl Mack is long overdue and they plan to witness it.
Charles May of Reno and his sisters, Alana Coy and Denise
Notinelli, say they will show up at the Nevada State Prison's
execution chamber in Carson City wearing buttons with a photo of
their mother, Betty Jane May.
They welcome the 9 p-m execution, saying it would end constant
reminders of Mack's actions and serve justice.
May was described by her children as a devoted mother who lived
a simple life and never learned to drive. The divorcee also was an
animal lover who took in stray cats.
The 47-year-old Mack has waived available appeals and says he
wants to die even though he denies strangling and raping
55-year-old Betty May in her Reno home in 1988.
Mack was serving a no-parole life term in prison for strangling
Kim Parks in 1994 in a Reno motel when he was linked through D-N-A
evidence to Betty May's murder.