Prison Guards Protest

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Nearly 100 prison guards, carrying signs that read "Respect Us" and "Stop treating officers like inmates," held a noisy rally today outside the Nevada State Prison to protestwhat they term unilateral, unwarranted restrictions imposed on them by a new warden.
Some guards also expressed concern about inmate program cuts
made by N-S-P Warden Bill Donat (doh-NAY') after he took over the
medium-security prison late last year.
Scott MacKenzie of the State of Nevada Employees Association
says the guards don't want veto power over Donat's decisions. He
says --quote-- "Just give us a voice and maybe we can add
something to the discussion."
State Corrections Director Glen Whorton says he has been
communicating with guard representatives on various issues, and
will meet again with them May fifth -- but controls to ensure
prison security won't be on the table.
Whorton says --quote-- "We are a paramilitary organization, and
sometimes there are issues that aren't open to discussion."