DUI Victim Impact Panel

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Did you know that if you're convicted of a DUI in Washoe County...the courts require you to attend a victim impact panel.
Now, this is a different from any kind of V-I-P you've ever experienced.
After tonight, the only important thing you take away...is that your choices can kill people...or yourself.
Most people in the audience...raised their hands because they were here for drunk driving.
But...after listening to five tragic stories, about *how dui's forever changed several lives, *no one raised their hand to switch places...with those on the victim impact panel.
Like hearing Jake's story.
He killed his brother...after a night of drinking, when he blacked out behind the wheel.
Or, Mark Markel's accident...that left him in a coma, for a month, with serious brain damage.
And rarely do we hear of a drunk driver getting injured.
Everyone, on the panel, said it couldn't happen to me.
They told the audience...if they keep taking these risks, it *will happen to them.
Don Balliette used to be one of those in the audience.
Now, he's on the panel...because he got into a car with a drunk driver.
It left him a quadraplegic.
Guess who was driving? his own brother.