Prison Guards Plan Protest

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Up to 200 prison guards plan a rally tomorrow (10:45 a.m. Friday) outside the Nevada State Prison in Carson City to protest what they see as deteriorating conditions as a result of inmate program cuts and policy changes by a new warden.
Scott MacKenzie of the State of Nevada Employees Association
says that guards working at the medium-security prison now must
deal with a heavy handed management style that excludes them from
involvement in decisions.
Problems mentioned by guards have included cuts in inmate
programs by Warden Bill Donat (doh-NAY'), along with policy changes
in sick leave, time off and various rules that they see as creating
a hostile work environment.
State Corrections Director Glen Whorton says staffing changes
were made to bring the prison within its budget. He adds that
changes to inmate programs were aimed at ensuring safety.