Beers Blasts Gibbons On Minimum Wage

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Republican gubernatorial hopeful Bob Beers is taking aim again at one of his primary opponent's support for raising Nevada's minimum wage.
Beers said at a forum hosted by the Nevada Restaurant
Association in Reno today that it is one of the major differences
between himself and Congressman Jim Gibbons.
Beers says the proposal to set Nevada's minimum wage at
one-dollar more than the federal minimum wage would reduce the
number of entry level jobs for young workers. He also says it would
drive up the cost of living for everyone.
Beers told the group today, quoting now, "Any time you increase
the cost of serving someone a hamburger, you increase the price of
the hamburger."
Nevada voters two years ago approved the wage increase to
six-dollars-and-15 cents per hour in a ballot initiative that also
would mandate future increases be tied to the rate of inflation. It
will become part of the state constitution if it wins approval
again in November.
Gibbons says he supports raising the minimum wage a dollar. But
he says he opposes the cost-of-living adjustment and opposes making
it part of the constitution.
The third G-O-P candidate, Lieutenant Governor Lorraine Hunt,
did not attend today's event but has said previously she opposes
the increase.
The increase is supported by the two Democratic hopefuls in the
race -- Henderson Mayor Jim Gibson and state Senate Minority Leader
Dina Titus of Las Vegas.