Reid On Local Homeland Security

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Senator Harry Reid met with members of the Nevada Air Guard, local firefighters, police and other emergency
workers in northern Nevada today to discuss specific ways to
bolster homeland security.
Reid, the Senate Democratic leader who is in Nevada during the
congressional recess, said that if it's a home break-in, police are
there; in a fire, it's the fire department, and in events from
Katrina to the recent flooding in northern Nevada, it's both of
them along with the National Guard.
As he put it, "Our local police, firefighters and guardsmen are
the front lines in our fight for real security. Our first
responders work hard for us and do an incredible job with not
enough resources.
Speaking at the Nevada Air National Guard headquarters in Reno,
he said he opposes the Bush administration's proposal to trim the
number of guard members to save 350 (m) million dollars.
Reid also met today with emergency workers in Fernley and Fallon
and officials at the Hawthorne Army Ammunition Depot.