Car Fire Kills 1 East of Dayton

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One person is dead and two others are seriously injured after a major accident in Silver Springs, Thursday night.

It took authorities over four hours to sort through the charred remains of two vehicles on Highway 50. Witnesses say a pickup truck heading east unexpectedly crossed over the center divider before crashing head on with an oncoming jeep. The wreck ignited flames in both vehicles, immediately killing the driver of the pickup.

"When we arrived on scene, both lanes were completely shut down until we got some more personnel," says Bob Kielty, Lyon County Fire. "Some NHP and Lyon County Sheriff's assisted us with traffic control and opened up one lane."

Rescue crews air-flighted two others including one man who suffered critical burns on over 65 percent of his body.

The intensity of the flames torched most of the inside of the pickup and burned right through its tires.

Nearby residents say this is a sad, but common site on a stretch of highway that's well known for its reckless traffic.

A memorial remembering a teenager killed in a car accident less than 100 yards away from Thursday's accident, sits right outside Debby Jones' driveway.

"People going 65 miles per hour don't realize there are residents out here," says Jones. "And we gotta stop and they're not really paying attention cause it's a straight 65 miles per hour road."

Authorities closed down the westbound lane for over three hours, mostly to put out any remaining flames and clear up debris.

The burn victim is being treated at UC Davis where his condition is listed as critical.

Authorities say the driver of the jeep is recovering from a broken arm and other injuries to her stomach. Her condition is not believed to be life-threatening.