Cruise Ship Whistleblower

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The crimes that Jacques is talking about are mostly sex crimes.
He says there's simply not enough resources, on the high seas, for victims to get justice.
Randy Jacques spent seven years as a ship security officer...getting his first job at Carnival Cruise Lines in 1991.
During his tenure...he's seen a lot.
And, Jacques says it's *not just crew members who are committing crimes.
He says passengers are on the lookout for victims of robbery or sexual assault.
Jacques say it starts with the "chain in command."
Unfortunately, he says it's usually the hotel operator who's notified of a crime before security.
Jacques has started Maritime Investigations International.
He consults with, victims and their families, who've experienced crimes at sea.
Jacques is hoping for stricter regulations on cruise line industry, including mandatory criminal background checks on crew members.
Also, adopting the sea marshal program.
Right now, cruise ships aren't required by law to report crimes.
Jacques says it's more of a self-policing system.
But, industry executives say if you look at the stats, they've provided, 28 missing persons, 178 sexual assaults, and 31 million passengers, from 2003 to 2005...the numbers are actually low.
Jacques says those numbers, provided by the cruise line industry, are completely made people who do the job he used to do.
He says for the vast majority cruises *are safe...but the ship, as we've heard, the ship can also be an ideal situation for criminals.