Campaign Signs Vandalized For The Second Time

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RENO - As the campaign heats up, so are the tempers of some residents in a Southwest Reno neighborhood.

For the second time in the past month, two giant campaign signs in a vacant field on Plumas Street near Moana were severely vandalized.

Signs for two judge candidates were spray painted with vulgar pictures and messages late Tuesday night.

Neighbors who live in the area say they're disgusted with what they're now forced to look at when walking past the signs.

"The graffiti doesn't make the signs very attractive and it also doesn't make the neighborhood very attractive. the vulgarity on the signs is disturbing," said Mike Maynard, who lives in the old Southwest.

Neighbors say they doubt the graffiti is politically motivated, since none of the targeted candidates are running against one another.

Reno police officers from the graffiti abatement unit say they've received several calls on other vandalized campaign signs throughout the Truckee Meadows.

Because the signs belong to the candidates, police say vandalizing them is no different than destroying a fence or another piece of private property.

If they're caught, the vandals could face misdemeanor charges, including fines or even jail time. According to code enforcement laws, campaign coordinators have ten days to remove or replace the signs.

Police say if you see a sign with graffiti on it, call Reno Direct at 334-INFO.