UNR Profs Sue Regents

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Three professors at the University of Nevada, Reno are suing the state Board of Regents over changes in procedures for challenging bad evaluations they say violate their academic freedom.
One of the plaintiffs, Hussein Hussein, already is involved in a
legal battle with the school over his claims he suffered reprisals
because of his role in sparking a federal investigation into
allegations of animal abuse at U-N-R's labs and farms.
Under the old procedure, appellants were allowed to present
their challenges in an appearance before a standing grievance
committee. They also had access to evaluations of their peers to
compare how others had been evaluated in like circumstances.
Now, the grievance committee has been replaced by a three-member
peer committee - one member picked by the faculty member and two by
administrators. Appellants no longer have access to other
evaluations and can only submit written statements.