McQueen Drug Testing Plan Approved

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The Washoe County School board has approved a plan for random drug testing of student athletes. Over a 15 week period, 12 students per week will be asked to submit to the drug tests. Varsity, junior varsity, and freshman players will be screened for 14 drugs including meth, ecstasy, marijuana and alcohol.
Athletic Director Eric Borja says the program is modeled after one already in place at Green Valley High School in Las Vegas. He says parents, teachers, and administrators have witnessed a growing trend of drug use among students. They are hopeful this program will have a ripple effect of reduced drug use within the school.
Borja also hopes that the threat of a drug test could be one more tool students can use to combat peer pressure. The approved plan is only expected to be in place for the upcoming school year. That is unless the School Board finds a way to continue funding it.