A Winning Writer

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"My third and last idea would be a website. The parents would be able to log onto the site and see all of their child's schoolwork, see their child's progress report, and read the school's weekly newsletter, as well as the classrooms weekly newsletter."

Reading from her award-winning essay, Madeline Souza says this last idea in her essay was a fun ways to get parents involved at Mt. Rose Elementary School.
It was this idea for a school website that earned her top honors.

Lori Crawford says her entire fifth grade class submitted essays to the Box Tops for Education kids' essay contest asking: 'If you were principal for a day, how would you increase parental
"Typically as the students get older, we don't see as much parent involvement. So, having them come up with these ideas, I was really surprised they had a lot of ideas and they were really motivated to find ways to get parents involved."

Two thousand essays were sent to Box Tops from fifth-through-eighth graders across the country.
Madeline's was chosen to represent the state of Nevada: earning her school a thousand dollar grant to implement the plan.
"It was my idea and I came up with it myself and it's my school. It's nice to know that I helped my school and helped everybody else."

Madeline says it's hard to tell parents everything that happens at school, so using an interactive website that accessible to parents, students, and teachers is a perfect way to help parents feel more involved.
"I just came up with things that I hadn't done before that I thought would be really interesting to do for the whole school."