Early Voting

Early voting continues up here at the Student Union until Friday evening.
But from the looks of it, there's not a mad rush to participate in early voting.

And for at least one voter we talked to that's why he takes the time now to cast his ballot instead next Tuesday.

" Well I just, I've come in here when the line is clear down the street and down around the corner and if given a choice between walking in a voting or standing in line for an hour, I would choose to walk in and vote." says David Harris

According to the Registrar of Voters office here in Washoe County 7,347 registered voters have participated in early voting.

While we still have four days left in the process, officials are unsure if we will hit the 15,794 voters back in 2004.

If you don't vote early, and don't get around to voting in the Nevada Primary next Tuesday, and are a registered voter, officials say you can still vote in the general election on November Fourth.