Sparks Police Car Hit During Pursuit

Last night, Sparks Police got a call that a woman who lives on Oleander Street, saying she was robbed at gunpoint and that her purse was taken. She said the man who robbed her took off in a car with a loud muffler. About that same time, Sparks Police started following a car with a loud muffler that was driving fast in that same area.

That driver wouldn't stop for police and a high speed pursuit ensued, going to Reno and then to Wingfield Springs.

The whole thing came to an end at the Diamond Wing Complex when the driver ran into a police car and was tazed.

Police offiers were not hurt.

The 17 year old driver told police he didn't want to stop because he had fake plates.

It's not known if that driver had anything to do with the robbery, so these are being treated as two seperate cases.