Rush to Get Immunized

12 year old Jessica Laughead is here to get her immunization record up to date.

"When did you find out you had to get a shot?"
Only a couple of days ago, not much notice.
"Do you know why?"
Because I had to put myself from I think its called Pertussis.

The shot is called a T-DAP. it's a vaccine she's received in her past, But Washoe County's School District is requiring all students entering the seventh grade to have the T-DAP booster vaccine.

" Best data we came up with there are still three to four thousand kids out there who need this vaccine and have not gotten it yet."
says Janet Ford a registered nurse with the health department.

Ford says for a couple of months now the health department has been giving vaccines by appointment only. That policy follows private practice as well as other clinics in the area. What it means is limited times and days for parents to get their child up to date on vaccines before the school year starts. So now is the time to start making those appointments not later.

" We only have so many work days and appointment slots available between now and the first day of school."