Student Sues School

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The poem "The More Loving One," from one of the greatest poets of the 20th century, contains one reference to the word "hell"...and one reference to the word "damn."
Behymer-Smith was going to read a national poetry recital competition.
Coral Academy of Science in Reno says he must choose a new poem...if he wants to compete.
Beyhmer-Smith has since taken the school, and officials...Steven West, Ben Karaduman, and Cheryl Garlock to United States Federal Court.
He's suing for an restrain the school from prohibiting him from reciting the poem.
Behymer-Smith's lawyer says...if he's forced to learn and recite a new poem, he will be at a disadvantage.
Plus, she says...this is a clear violation of his first amendment rights.
Coral Academy of Science acknowledges its students constitutional rights to freedom of expression.
Officials issued this statement..."Our policy, as stated in the Coral Academy of Science handbook, states that the use of vulgar or profane language is unacceptable."
They went onto say..."it doesn't represent the best in the student or the school."
The National Coalition Against Censorship disagrees...saying "it would be an honor to your institution, rather than a potential blemish in the eyes of the public, for Jacob to recite the work in the state finals."
The state-finals are April 22nd, at the Governor's mansion, in Carson City.
But, there will be an emergency hearing tomorrow at three o'clock in federal court.
We will be there...and bring you the latest at five.