Postal Worker Faces Theft Charges

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A contract U.S. Postal Service worker faces a May 8 apearance in federal court next month on charges of stealing hundreds of letters in search of cash and gift cards.
Everett William Green, 36, was indicted on three counts of
embezzlement of letters and one count of possession of stolen
property. He allegedly took 375 letters or items that had been
contained in letters.
Green carried mail between Carson City's two post offices. The
thefts allegedly occurred between December and March 7 when he was
apprehended by postal inspectors.
Postal Inspector Tom Brucklacher said investigators believe
Green focused on greeting card envelopes which easily recognizable
by their size, shape and colors, and didn't try to cash any checks
found in the mail.
Green must appear before federal magistrate Judge Robert McQuaid
in Reno.