Suspicious Fires

The junipers in the front of the Leightons home on Joshua Drive in Reno are coming out. That's after Michela Leighton heard something early Wednesday morning and went outside to check it out.

"I just thank God that I heard it in time and got my children out and I hope the person or persons doing this realize that we are talking about lives here."

Leighton says fire officials told her and her husband the fire was deliberately set. It took time for firefighters to get to their home though as they were busy putting out this blue spruce fire just a block away on Idlewild and California .

Reno Fire says they aren't sure if there is any connection between the two incidents.

Last night a batallion chief with Reno Fire had this to say about two suspicious fires.

"Two fires close proximity back to back, no reason for them to be started like that. So it is very suspicious." said Chief Joe Durrousseau.

The first started at about nine Wednesday evening near the airport and 395.

The other at an apartment complex near Costco a short time later.

Then earlier this morning firemen responded to two additional fires set on DaMonte Parkway near the Walmart at about 2-45.

If you have any information on any of these incidents you are encouraged to call Reno Fire, or Secret Witness 322-4900.