Hearing On Assessor Removal

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Incline Village residents, at odds for years with Washoe County Assessor Robert McGowan over property taxassessments, got to argue their case for having him removed fromoffice.
Residents of the Lake Tahoe community accuse McGowan of
malfeasance over how his office has factored in views of the lake
in setting property taxes.
During a hearing yesterday (Monday), residents argued McGowan's
office failed to follow land-appraisal rules that took effect in
2004 regarding how views of Lake Tahoe should be evaluated.
McGown says his staff is following the new rules while awaiting
clarification on the view rating system.
Last year, 12-hundred residents appealed their new tax notices
to the county board of equalization, and the board set aside the
assessor's 8 percent increase on land values based on views.
But McGowan's office appealed to the state board of
equalization. That board overturned the county panel and reinstated
the higher levy.
The dispute is now in district court.
Another case involving a different tax year is before the state
Supreme Court.