Local Marines Come Home

Marine Homecoming
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They've been in iraq for seven months, many serving in dangerous frontline roles in the war on terror. But tonight a group of Marine reservists based here in Reno came home, and were met with cheers, tears and open arms.
Ii'm just excited, I can't wait, I can't wait to see my son," said one anxious mother.
Anticipation hung tight in the air as friends and family members of the 4th Force Recon Marine Reserve unit gathered for a surprise welcome.
The dozen returning marines came off the plane in a group, smiling ear to ear, soaking up the hero's welcome that each one of them has earned.
One of the Marines told reporters, "We walked off the plane and its nice to see all my family and friends. Support really matters. All these people sent care packages and I've kept in touch with almost every one of them and its nice to see they all showed up."
Everywhere you turned there were hugs and smiles. The tense waiting and worrying past, loved ones home safe and sound and very greatful for all the attention.