Day Trippin': Thomas Creek

Icall her Bridgid, after Bridgid Jones because she has a big rear. I'm going to take you on one of our favorite trails, if you hike or bike, you can come along too.

Travel down South Virginia and turn onto the Mount Rose Highway and you are nearly there. Just before you head into the forest, look for Timberline Road on the Right hand side. Take the road, and head up to the Trail Head of Thomas Creek.

You can park in the paved lot. Here there is a bathroom, benches, tables and maps take advantage of them they are the only ones you'll see for miles.

This trail is made possible by a cooperative venture between Washoe County Parks and Recreation and the U-S Forest Service. It is day use only, no overnight camping.

Thomas Creek didn't always look this way, with the help of a bond issue past by voters in 2000...the building and maintaining of this trail began in earnest in 2003. The creek, along with the aspens, and evergreens make this a great place to get away, collect your thoughts and get some exercise. And you will be plenty of that, there are inclines going both ways.

Its snack time for us, and can be for you too. You can continue up the road to the Mt. Rose Wilderness area but once you get there, you can only hike or ride a horse, no mountain bikes allowed. There's also a road you can drive to take you to the base of the wilderness area. Take plenty of water, And all I ask is what you pack in you pack out and if you see any litter on the way take it with you.

A round trip to Thomas Creek trail from Reno is about 12 miles. At today's average price of gas at Three-dollars 98 cents a gallon at an average 20-miles an gallon..the trip itself is just under three dollars. A day of quiet solitude with your best four legged friend. Priceless.