Ensign Has Wide Poll Lead

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A Las Vegas Review-Journal poll shows that Democrat Jack Carter, son of former President Jimmy Carter, is trailing badly in his bid to oust Republican U-S Senator John Ensign.
Sixty percent of the 625 voters surveyed say they favor Ensign
in the contest, while 27 percent say they would vote for Carter.
Thirteen percent are undecided.
The Review-Journal polling also shows strong voter support for
two initiatives to cap property tax increases and rein in
government spending.
The telephone poll shows that a Proposition 13-style limit on
property taxes is supported by 66 percent of voters, with 19
percent against and 15 percent undecided.
Another potential ballot initiative, Tax and Spending Control
for Nevada or TASC, would cap government spending to increases in
population growth plus inflation. It was supported by 59 percent of
those polled, with 20 percent opposed and 21 percent undecided.