Immigration Protests Spawned Across State

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Nearly nine thousand people rallied across Nevada today, joining demonstrators in cities around the nation calling for fair immigration reforms.
Workers, students and young parents pushing baby strollers
marched to the steps of the federal courthouses in Las Vegas and
Reno as part of a national day of action.
In Las Vegas, a crowd estimated at 35-hundred by law enforcement
waved American flags and chanted in Spanish and English.
Many said things such as "we're here, we're not leaving" and
"yes we can."
Organizers distributed letters that were to be signed and sent
to lawmakers.
The letters demanded humane immigration reform and called for
unifying families, a timely path to citizenship and no to a House
bill that would make illegal immigrants felons.
In Reno, police estimated about 5,000 gathered for a noon rally
in a cold rain around the federal courthouse.
Protesters banged on drums and chanted "U-S-A." Some held
signs that read "Liberty and Justice For All" and "We are not