Gag Order Refused Race Case

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A judge in Reno has denied a gag order sought by drugstore chain Walgreen Company to restrict comments from plaintiffs in an upcoming racial discrimination trial.
Washoe District Judge Janet Berry, in an order dated April 4th,
rejected company arguments that continued remarks by the four men
would taint the jury pool and jeopardize a fair trial.
Berry said the injunction sought "is not necessary or
Bruce Johnson and three other black men from Houston filed a
lawsuit in June 2003 seeking two-point-five (m) million dollars
each in damages after they say they were discriminated against at a
Walgreens drugstore in downtown Reno.
The men said that after they complained about the quality of a
photograph processed at the store in February 2003, the clerk
shouted a racial slur, slammed a door and refused service.
The case is scheduled to go to trial May 8th.