The Great Outdoors

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"We find people exceed their limitations. A man or person needs to know their limitations, not only with themselves, but the people they're traveling with."
Deputy Mike Matthews, with the Washoe County Search and Rescue, says this time of year can be tempting for people to head outdoors.
He says they're often unprepared for the winter-like conditions that can hit the higher elevations at night and sometimes during the day.

Dressing accordingly is his best advice, he says you can survive a long time without the proper equipment, if you're warm.
"Wear adequate clothing that sheds water and doesn't get wet and absorb water. A lot of times we see people going for hikes or snowshoeing or even skiing where they are wearing cotton jeans with cotton waffle underwear underneath. And, as soon as that stuff gets wet, it does you absolutely no good."

Deputy Matthews says even those taking short day hikes need to bring some supplies.
Brandon Tams works at REI, a local outdoor store.
Tams says there are certain items that every explorer should have on hand.
"One would be the map of the area, first aid kit is always handy, a compass, a multi-purpose tool you always want to take with you or have a knife or leatherman or anything like that."

Experts say it is essential that you do bring all of these items with you as you go out on any sort of day trip. But, it's also important that you understand how to use them.