Concern Over National Insurance Bill

Friday morning U-S Senators on the finance committee will begin hearing the pros and cons of the Health Insurance Market Place Modernization and Affordabilty Act or HIMMA. Nevada Insurance's LIfe and Health Division Kim Evans says the division has thoroughly investigated the proposed bill. " Senate Bill 19-55 does not address the uninsured, nor does it address cost containment or the cost of health care which is increasing on a day to day basis."
So concerned about A-B- 19-55 Insurance Commissioner Alice Molasky Arman has sent letters to all of Nevada's federal representatives.
The health insurance Market Place Modernization and AffordabilIty Act or HIMMA she says sounds good on the surface but, Evans says, ": We have ascertained here in Nevada that no, it could just do the reverse it could increase the premium for Nevada residents."
Ideally small business here in Nevada and elsewhere would buy the health insurance. Bare bones coverage that would not have to include state mandated provisions, like mammograms, mental health, clinical trails and maternity care. These insurance companies would not be regulated by the state insurance division-- meaning solvency, fraud, reimbursement issues would all be dealt with by the department of labor back in Washington D.C..
Who would qualify for such insurance? The commissioner says young healthy workers would be most likely
to use it. But that fact she says would increase insurance pools of less healthy workers, who could possibly see an increase in their insurance rates because of the risk.