Rural Nevada Promotion Tips

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A tourism expert says local politics, vague promotions and just plain bad concepts will kill tourism, but good planning and bright ideas will leave rural Nevada towns --quote-- "laughing all the way to the bank."
Roger Brooks outlined his views at the Nevada Commission on
Tourism's annual "Rural Roundup" conference.
Brooks cautioned against town slogans such as the one for
Beaver, Oklahoma - "Cow Chip Capital."
While funny slogans make people laugh, he says the big successes
start with a good lure that stands out from others and is backed up
by other diversions that will get tourists' dollars once they're in
Brooks highlighted the "Divine Nine" theme to promote golf
courses in the Carson City-Carson Valley-Lake Tahoe area. By
joining forces, he says the communities came up with a bigger
attraction than they could have with separate promotions.