Judge Declines to Enter GOP Dispute

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Nevada's first ever early caucuses put the state on the national political map and drew many new participants into the political process...among them passionate supporters of Texas Congressman Ron Paul. They showed up in numbers on caucus day and at the state convention at the Peppermill had the muscle to perhaps elect a majority of delegates to the national. The convention came to a sudden close before that could happen.

Eventually, the frustrated Paul supporters and others who felt party leadership had been high handed held their own convention two months later at the Grand Sierra Resort. There, they contend, they completed the delegate selection process. The state party neither recognized that gathering nor its result and eventually decided to leave delegate selection to the party's executive committee.

At today's hearing, the dissidents failed to halt that selection. Arguments didn't even get to the facts of the case, but stalled on the question of jurisdiction. Did the court have any role to play?

The party's attorney said this was a squabble within the party and there were remedies within party rules available to solve them.
In the end...the Judge agreed.

The decision left the dissident group determined to press on to a waiting battle before the credentials committee at the national convention, but once again angry and disillusioned.
"It's frustrating," said Wayne Terhune. We have a two-party system and apparently they can do what they want and push whoever they want through and the judges won't interfere. It's scary for democracy in this country"

Meanwhile late Friday afternoon, the party's executive committee approved a slate of delegates selected by their nominating committee.

A list was not immediately available, but party Executive Director Zach Moyle said it was a diverse group chosen using a number of criteria. He said support for a particular candidate was not among them.