A Step Ahead

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Geoff Quine is the government and history teacher at Truckee Meadows Community College who first introduced us to this week's Kid You Should Know.
He says Anthony is a step ahead,
"Anthony is exceptional, I think, because if I had to boil it down to one word: he's a seeker. He's constantly on the path to more knowledge, which isn't out of the ordinary for our students. But, it is extraordinary for Anthony because he's had some challenges in his life."

18-year old Anthony Lovern says he was attending a charter school since middle school, and by high school.. he was ready for a change.
TMCC High School pulls kids out of the regular high school setting and completely integrates them into a college.
"There's ways that people can develop college credits without actually having to pay for college and it gives me a head start. I already have 30 units.... so, that's a year of college out of the way."

Quine says Anthony is never afraid to share his opinion, whether it's popular or not.
"I think they're learning from him not to be afraid to be engaged, express your points of view."

Anthony says the time spent with his dad made him appreciate the differences in people.
"My dad's disabled. So, he was my stay at home mom, so to speak. So, I got to spend a lot of time with my dad and develop a one on one relationship and help build up my philosophical views."

He says everyone has difficulty opening up to strangers.
His advice: take the time anyway.
"It helps develop you as a human being if you can learn more about people and other cultures."