Fugitive Wanted For Murder Arrested In Reno

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Swat teams and the U.S. Marshals stormed a quiet North Reno neighborhood to try and arrest a fugitive wanted for murder in the Bay Area.

Cars from the Reno and California State Police pretty much lined the entire block on Gardella Drive for over an hour.

Authorities arrested three people without incident, but say initially it looked like anything could happen.

"I was talking to both of the male subjects on the balcony for a while," says Lieutenant Robert Nuttal with the Reno Police Department. "They weren't coming out. Finally, they did after we had called SWAT in and SWAT came in and they were getting ready to forcibly do entry into the apartment."

In the end, authorities got their man: 22-year-old Julian David Stringer, is wanted for shooting another man to death in Antioch in mid-June. Stringer is also facing charges for a bank robbery. Police say he was hiding in an apartment complex on Gardella Drive.

"I don't think he was here very long," says Nuttal. "But I believe he was probably in the Truckee Meadows for sometime. There's other places he's associated with."

Charges against the other two people taken into custody are still unclear, but police say they will be questioned.

Neighbors say seven people, including five children live in the home where the arrest took place. One man who lives across the street says his son has even spent the night there.

"Wow," says Thomas Coffey. "I'm just curious about where my kids are going now. I'll pay a little bit more attention maybe get to know the people a little better because having them stay the night at a place like that is scary."

Authorities evacuated 12 apartments to set up a perimeter and make the arrests. Police say even though the situation was handled without incident, it could have been much worse.

"He is a violent person," says Nuttal. "He did a bank robbery and a murder. I don't think you get much more violent than that. The other subject also has a violent criminal history. So we were playing it safe."

Police say they are looking to see if Stringer knows anything about the recent rash of armed robberies in Reno in addition to the other charges.