Sparks Police Continue To Investigate Teenage Rape

SPARKS - Among those enjoying the cool waters of the Marina this Tuesday afternoon was a 13 year old girl. At about 3 in the afternoon she was approached by a middle aged man on the West side of the Marina. The two struck up a conversation, went swimming together for as long as an hour.

Eventually, police say, the man lured the girl back to his semi tractor trailer rig parked a couple of blocks away at Sierra Sid's and there assaulted her. The man then walked the girl back to the Marina...where she reported the assault.

He's described as a white male, 5-6 to 5-8, in his forties with short gray hair and tanned skin. He was wearing brown shorts and a brown long sleeve shirt at the Marina. His truck had a red cab and a white trailer.

The 13 year old is 5 feet 5 inches tall, with shoulder length blonde hair. She was wearing a blue bikini top covered by a white tank top and blue denim shorts.

Investigators fear the man has left our area, but hope witnesses who saw him with the victim may be able to provide a lead.

If you were at the Marina or Sierra Sid's Tuesday afternoon and may have seen something that will help, you're asked to call the Sparks Police Department or Secret Witness at 322-4900.

Secret Witness has posted a $2 thousand dollar reward for information leading to arrest and prosecution.