Investigate Complaint Against Reno Officer

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A 39-year-old veteran Reno police sergeant is on paid leave while Sparks police investigate a 17-year-old girl's allegation of sexual misconduct in his patrol car.
The name of the sergeant is not being released, but Sparks
Police Chief John Dotson says he has been in the department more
than ten years.
Reno police are directing questions to Sparks police, who are
handling the investigation.
Dotson says the girl's complaint did not say the officer touched
her, but that there was verbal and physical behavior that was
sexually improper.
The allegation stems from a traffic stop just after midnight
yesterday on West McCarran Boulevard and the Interstate 80 east
Dotson says the sergeant pulled over a suspected drunken driver
and had not called dispatch to report the stop, which is standard
procedure. The sergeant conducted field sobriety tests on the girl
but his portable preliminary breath test, which indicates a
motorist's blood alcohol level, was not working.
The young woman sat in the back of his police car while the
sergeant sat up front until he released her.
About five hours later the girl and her parents made the report
against the officer at the Reno Police Department. Reno police
officials then asked Sparks to investigate.