Storm Spawns Tornado and Drops Hail

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Severe thunderstorms drenched parts of Northern Nevada, and authorities say a tornado was spotted near Silver Springs Monday.

The tornado was near Deer Street, according to the Lyon County Sheriff's Office, and later moved toward Fallon. An area resident tells KOLO Eight that the tornado could be seen approaching. She also says a truck shell was blown about five feet by the wind. Small piles of hail were also left by the storm in Silver Springs. One resident says there was so much hail it looked like winter-time.

Churchill County also appeared hard-hit by the storms. On Alternate Highway 50, heavy rain fell and lightning could be seen amid dark skies. Along the road, just outside Fallon, pebble or moth ball-size hail fell. In one location it coated a roof and the road.

"We just sat there and watched it... just listened to it... just pummeling on top of our roof... Do, do, do, do, do, do... it was loud," Joe Tompkins said. Tompkins says the storm approached fast and forced him inside his home.

The storm also produced minor flooding. Near Fallon, several driveways became inundated. Water even approached some homes' doors.

Leaves were blown from trees, but there are no reports of major damage at this time.

It's unclear if there was only one tornado generated by Monday's storms.