Mammovan serving more

Carson City resident Carolyn Holl has used the Mammovan for the past three years.

"Very convenient, its really a painless adventure, its just a good thing, and I just don't understand why more people don't take advantage of it."

She says likes the convenience. And there are certainly many women like her here in Nevada. But organizers of this service say they are gearing up this year to see more women they say who have lost their health insurance.

Paula Guzman is the spokesperson for the /Mammovan

"Currently our progra is to its full capacity however we are extending more days in Northern Nevada because of the drastic need."

Guzman says with the help of sponsors like Harrah's, Walmart, Safeway, Food 4 less and others, this portable mammogram service is able to serve women who may not be able to afford this life saving diagnostic test. If women have insurance, they will take it, if not the service is on a sliding scale basis, and with the help of grants like those from the Susan G Komen Foundation, many women can have the test performed at no charge.

Guzman says even if cancer is found, treatment is also part of their mission.

"Fully guide them and educate them and point them to the right resources."

One woman we talked to had her first mammogram today.

Luba Lioubov is 59 years old and originally from Russia.

"I hope all will be good. I will wait for results, and I hope all good, I hope all will be good."