Nevada Ranks High In Undocumented Workers

NUMBER: 0403F03
Just about any day here on Galetti Way you'll find day laborers standing on the side of the street waiting for work Some are like James Holmes, He says he's asked to do all kinds of jobs. "Everybody comes here, you've got your grocery store owner, your car lot dealer your horse rancher they come from everywhere."
James says he and his fellow workers are all the same out here, they are all looking for work. That may be true..but getting paid for that work, and having access to worker's compensation if you get hurt on the job may be easier for James than an undocumented these two day laborers we talked to on the same street.
Undocumented Worker:" I worked for two days as a roofer, and they didn't pay me anything at all."
Undocumented Worker: "Sticking around here there are a lot of people drinking and doing drugs it is dangerous, I'm more scared of guys that I am standing around, than the job itself."
The two men we talked to said much of their work comes from construction. Many employers may ask for identification to land a job--sometimes a social security card will do. But sometimes those cards can be counterfeit, or the employer doesn't bother to check its authenticity. Hiring undocumented workers can help cut costs,,,,unscrupulous employers can skirt labor laws that apply to minimum wage or overtime. Charlie Nahorniak from the Carpenters Contractors Cooperation Committee says getting injured on the job is a big problem. "An employee that is not documented in this country that's injured never worked for that contractor they've been sent out to pasture, you don't have papers to work in this country they certainly don't want to step up and say they were employing somebody like that. "
Nahorniak is a field investigator for the Carpenters Contractors Cooperation Committee. He visits union and non union construction sites which are state and federal funded. While these work sites are more heavily regulated than private sites..he says violations go on in both places.
Charlie Nahorniak: "A lot less accountability everybody is just claiming they just don't know what is going on."