Nevada Republican Delegates Suing State GOP

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A group of state Republican delegates are suing the Nevada GOP to try to earn representation at the National Convention.

The lawsuit comes just two days after the State Party announced it will appoint national delegates without re-convening the initial state convention.

The group filing the lawsuit mostly consists of Ron Paul delegates, but one activist says the litigation is less about McCain versus Paul and more about right versus wrong.

"The GOP is illegal in writing up their own slate behind closed doors," says Doctor Wayne Terhune a Republican activist. "And we want to put a halt to that and make the GOP accept the June 28th delegation."

Terhune helped pay for the convention that produced what those involved are calling the only legitimate republican delegation in the state.

Party officials intended to appoint delegates back in April, but called a recess when a vocal group of Ron Paul supporters protested rule changes.

Washoe County Republican Chair Heidi Smith says the final say on which delegates go to Minneapolis will likely be made by politicians and not lawyers.

"We'll have to wait and see what the State Party attorneys say, but I feel, in the end, the Republican National Committee will make the decision."

Terhune says he and Mike Weber, who chaired the June convention will likely take their case before the National Committee. It's a move that would seemingly contribute to the ongoing division within, but Smith says that's politics; and what grows apart, will eventually come together.

"It's somewhat like Obama and Hillary," says Smith. "You had fighting between those two and then they came together. So, in this respect, we're the same way in that we have two sides that are arguing the interpretation of the law, but when it comes to republican politics, they're all together."

Terhune says he expects a decision on this lawsuit to come sometime next week.

The National Republican Convention kicks off on September 1.