Fire Torches Hidden Valley Home

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One woman was injured and several pets were killed in a house fire in a Hidden Valley, Friday night.

Witnesses say the home on Ellis Street went up in minutes at around six-thirty.

Firefighters are still trying to figure out what caused the fire to break out, but several people reported hearing a loud bang.

"It was some sort of materials that made a popping noise," says Terri Thomas who lives behind the now severely damaged home. "And then that propane tank blew big time and most of the neighbors heard that. It shook a couple of their homes blocks away. That's how big it was."

According to a neighbor, a woman who is renting the house was frantically trying to get inside the burning home after locking herself outside.

"I heard the woman who lives in the home screaming 'my dogs! my dogs are in the house!' There were seven dogs in the house and she broke some windows and I was going to kick in the door. But it went up so fast I was afraid for myself."

Neighbors were able to rescue all of the woman's horses and rescue crews managed to spare two of her dogs. But authorities say several cats and puppies died in the fire.

According to a fire chief, the blaze started inside before moving into the attic and roof. Flames completely torched one side of the house, but crews were able to keep the fire from spreading any further.

One of the biggest problems firefighters faced was limited water resources.

There are no fire hydrants on Ellis Street so crews had to call in two separate water tankers from Washoe Valley and Stead to help out.