Food Bank Distribution Center Opens

Evelyn Mount doesn't mince words when it comes to feeding local needy families.

"The food is not coming in, the contributions are not coming in. It is just things have gotten so bad, it is really scary."

The shelves look marginally full with canned vegetables and stuffing mix. But Evelyn Mount says its not enough to feed her seniors once a month, and woefully short of the food needed to feed the thousands of families that come to her home during Thanksgiving week.

Lines formed around her home last year. and Mount believes the cost of gas and continued fore closures will mean she could feed a record amount of families in two-thousand-eight. While many are willing to give her food, she says a more immediate need is volunteers to help her clear out the garage and help set it up for major food distribution this fall.

" I need a lot of help to get this set up and reorganized. I've got to reorganize the whole unit here because there is not other place to go and I've got to clear everything and I need a lot of help."