Racial Tension

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Catherine Zecher says it's also hard not to notice the divide of students, especially when students are talking about the immigration bills.
"It's the source of all the anger. First, it came with all the Hispanics not happy with the immigration bill and then it became more of 'go back to your country.' It's just really stupid, I think."

Steve Mulvenon, with the Washoe County School District, says most middle and high schools are noticing reaction to the immigration debate, and it confirmed a recent fight at Spanish Springs that was so out of control, it required police to break it up.
"About 30 students either during their nutrition break in the morning or at lunch, and it was fairly serious. There's no getting around that. A number of teachers tried to intervene and get the fight to stop. They kept going and school police eventually had to use pepper spray to get the thing calmed down and there were any number of students suspended as a result of that."

Then earlier this week, the district says a verbal fight in the hallway at Spanish Springs began to escalate and principal stepped in to calm things down.
"Part of what helped fuel the tension were dueling flags in the hallways and during lunch. Kids would come out with what ross called 4x6 flags, some Mexican, some US draped over their shoulders or around their waist... taunting each other wearing the flags. He got on the intercom and said enough is enough. It's a disrespectful use of both flags."

But, many parents say if the threat of violence is credible, they just want to be told all of the information leading up to any event.
One parent writes news channel 8: "The thing that really upsets me is that parents were not notified... This whole thing is a result of the immigration bill that passed. There have been Hispanic students bringing Mexican flags to school, prompting non-Hispanic kids to bring American flags. This has been escalating and nothing was done on the part of school administration to try to intervene."

It's worth noting, the district says they did not highlight the details about the racial tensions at yesterday's press conference because they say they believed the comment they were investigating was completely separate from the other incidents that occurred at the high school in the last two weeks.