Prowler Problem?

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Recent reports of a prowler problem in the Galena estates community that neighbors Montreux has some residents cautious, but not concerned.

The Washoe County Sheriff's Office says they are investigating several reports of a possible prowler in this quiet community that date back to december through February, they say no break-ins occurred.

But, Jim Paige says the news about the deaths of the couple in Montreux and thoughts of a prowler in the area makes some of the residents a little uneasy.
"We're not that concerned now. I think, I'm sure everybody is a little concerned up here, but I don't think anybody is going to panic."

Most of his neighbors agree.
While many declined to comment on camera, the general attitude is that of both heightened awareness and calm.

Marian Paige says she and her husband are a little more cautious, but she says they still feel safe.
"We have two dogs and they bark at the least little sounds. So, I don't think there's anybody running around there that's of concern to the rest of us."

The sheriff's office says most of the reports about prowler footprints were found along Piney Creek.
Just past the fence and the golf course is the house where Albert and Joan Musalo were found dead Tuesday night.

Jim Ebert, an Arrowcreek resident, says it's still hard to believe.
"We were quite shocked about the fact that two people about my wife's and my age came to an untimely end like that. And, since we're close to that age, I think it's natural to thing that it could easily have been you."

The Washoe County Sheriff's Office says if you do notice footprints in the snow around your property, avoid the area because it can become important evidence.
Investigators say you should be cautious if you decide to investigate something on your own, especially at night.
Also, they suggest you take a good look at your property, then if you notice something different, like footprints, then you can report it immediately.
They also say outdoor lighting is a good idea, possibly using motion detection lights around your home.