Search for Murder Suspect Suspended

RENO - Reno Police have suspended their search for suspected murderer Leonard McCaskill. Police had closed off Idlewild Park from the public for most of the afternoon on Friday while they and SWAT members looked for McCaskill.

Detectives say they received a tip that the suspected killer had been living on the river banks since the murder. An undercover officer came out to the park and spotted McCaskill, who then ran away.

The officer said the suspect did not appear to have crossed the river, and that he most likely escaped by climbing into an overflow storm drain. A search of the drainage system with a remote controlled camera did not yield any results.

According to witnesses, on Friday June 6th, Holbert had arrived to a fight involving Rodney Morris and Leonard McCaskill on 35 north Edison. Holbert was not involved in the fight, but was killed when McCaskill shot him with a shotgun.